Looking for some new team mates

Hey all, I’m looking for some players who can actually work together. Mainly looking for objective stuffs. I have a mic and I cooperate/coordinate. Give me a buzz, GT: pnut87

To all clan invites:

You want me to join your clan, cool. But, I’m putting you through my trial period. Meaning, before I sign up on your website, or change my colors and emblem, you need to sell me on your clan beyond the copy and paste flyers. Invite me to your party, let’s play some games for a few days to see how I fit with your “vision”. I’m tired of clans wanting me to sign up, change all my stuff, and then completely ignore the new guys.
So here’s a simple test to make sure clan recruiters are paying attention: Do not just send me a blind ad. Contact me through Xbox Live. Invite me to your party. Let’s play a few games. AFTER THAT we’ll talk about joining up. Any blind recruitment ads will be met with replies questioning your intelligence, worded according to whatever my mood happens to be at the time.

Hey man you can check us out at RoG

you dont need to change emblem, gamertag, colors anything!! i wont try and sell it to you just check us out.

i am currently not online as the misses has taken over the tv but the captain for my squad is online and would def invite you to a game if ud like :slight_smile:

(if you like us tho i would really appreciate it, if ud put me as a referee :-D)

I like your style pnut. A trial period is always a good idea.

I’m done gaming for the night, so I’ll have to try and catch you online some other time. However, an Xbox Live message will make its way to your inbox shortly.

As it is a recruiting effort, I’m obligated to leave a link to my home site Outcast Reborn, at the very least. Come check it out if you have a minute no strings attached.

Console Army is now recruiting players like you to join our ranks. Tired of playing with random noobs? We know you are only as good as the team you play on so once in Console Army you will be placed in one of our squads were you get to know and play with your team. We hold one mandatory and 2 optional practices per squad per week. If thats not enough you can join in any of the other squads gamenights and take part. We are looking for active members that are at least 15 years old and have a mic. Head over to consolearmyhq.com and check it out Thank you, Yeti

If you have any questions fee free to message me on XBL: Yeti0869