Looking for Some Mature Gamers

Hey everyone, I’ve been playing halo since the original halo and I’ve been playing online ever since halo 2 was on xbl. I love going into matchmaking with a full squad so I’m just looking for some cool people to play with.

I’m not super competitive, but I do like to win. I’m really into teamwork, communication, etc. My K/D is around 1.2-1.3, though I’m not one that really is too concerned about it. I’d rather win a game than be 20-2.

I play as often as I can, but being a senior in college keeps me busy. Mainly just looking for some cool people to play with that are mature and good at the game so we can have a good time. Feel free to PM or add me on XBL.

Gamertag: Massacre251

I recommend checking out http://www.bethebullet.net

You don’t necessarily need to compete in our clan matches, but its a great group of guys who play to win. You’ll buff up your friends list, and also can take part of weekly meetings where we get together for gaming and what not.

Ill get back to you after exams :stuck_out_tongue: