Looking For Some Help - If Possible

This might just be a shot in the wind, but perhaps something will come of it.

Me and a friend of mine used to enjoy forging Halo 3 maps. We put a lot of hours into it and made some stuff our friends really enjoyed. Unfortunately, due to an Xbox Live error my friend (who had all of our stuff on his harddrive) lost everything. It was poor timing because I had taken them off my file share in order to transfer a bunch of videos I wanted to save. A few of the maps we made are listed on my profile at Bungie.net, but support for that has been ceased for a long time and it seems they cannot be downloaded. Here they are:

Is there anybody out there? Please respond. If you know of any possible way to retrieve these maps, I’d love to hear it. That’s my old Xbox Live account by the way.

In other news, and especially if there is no way to work this out, I’d like to issue a nice, stiff middle finger to Bungie and 343 for basically destroying the Halo 3 community. Lots of hardwork and creativity went into these forge maps by a lot of dedicated fans, and it’s a shame to see it all thrown away. It’s just a little embittering, to see all of these creations erased. That website and our Xbox 360 harddrives were basically the only place we could keep them.


You might not be able to get at them bro. I couldn’t access my old profile.


This is how you can retrieve your old maps. Hope this helps!