Looking for some Halo players

Hey guys, I’m looking for some people that just want to play Halo together. No clans. No organization. Just some gaming friends. It doesn’t matter if you’re competitive or casual, I just want to get a group of people together that enjoy playing Halo.

I’m down.

Me too

Sweet, just add me on XBL and we’ll play whenever!

I added you kyler my Gt is TheWiseEagle, i like competative play and im pretty good, not the greatest but i got a 95bpr and a 1.65 kd

Friend request me my GT is WonderWaffle118

Count me in! sonyhater96

Sounds like fun. I won’t be on halo till Halo 4 is released, (you know… Borderlands 2 !)but feel free to add me and we can all play then.

HMU, I’m down for customs or matchmaking any day. I also need some new Halo friends since I removed over half of my friends list for being inactive.

I’ll Join as well K/D 1.57 been fooling around on Reach Lately we should all add each other and just kick -Yoink- on Halo 0.o GT: Anton 044 (Anton Zero Four Four)