Looking for some friends

Hi I’m looking for some friends to play Halo with some times.
I’m not always online because I am quite busy most days but when I am able it would be nice to have some buddies to spend some time with.
Thanks for reading

Also should mention I’m from the UK so time zones and stuff but I can still play some nights.

hit me up!! gt: bigdaddy b0mber ( b0mber with a zero) or look up giver 90 group on here to join!

Add me on Xbox. I’m always looking for more people to game with.

GT: Vengeful Icon

Hey Sharvey sorry if I butchered it! If your still looking for friends I run a halo/destiny discord group where we get together and run weekly events for halo/Destiny and sometimes do other games for game nights we ain’t a clan it’s a joke first and a group second! If you have any concerns or questions message me and I’ll get back to you ASAP! Only requirement is be 16+ but other then that thanks for reading!