Looking for some competitive forgers advice

I’m looking for someone who has recently gotten their map into forge so I can set my map up for it, yes its has all the guidelines I read in that, but I’m looking for hints, tips, advice from them, my map is almost complete, it’s for a 4 vs 4 or a 2 vs 2, and very fun. I just don’t have spawns set all the way up or know what game-type they would like it to work or etc.

Time: 1:30: pm to 5:00 pm
Day: Any
Week: Sooner the better

I tried recruiting section but I’m not really recruiting, asking for the already submitted maps from professional forgers on advice. I’d truly appreciate if any of you that has a map actually in the game playing whenever people choose it. Thank you…

Leave feedback as to what you know, but I really just dislike competitive map structure, to boring, but this map is set for it, so please, leave replies… thanks…