Looking for solid mature players 17+

Sup guys?
Just posting on here in hopes of finding a solid group of dudes to play some ranked H2C with.
Id say I was pretty good at this game back in my prime, unfortunately I’m not quite where I once was, BUT, the more I play the better I will get.
If you’re a mature dude, with a MIC, and wants to work on getting your rank up, please, send me a FR @ Yo Its Ramsey
I’ll be on around 5 eastern time (work :/)

Hey OP,

You should also try posting this in the recruiting forum.

You are more than welcome to join us for BTB. We play most nights, we’re all over 17 and i assure you that none of us are liquid.

Add me

gamertag. Varchetto

Add me AVP Warrior

On around the same time, 5pm Eastern. GT: UnsungHero026

Sounds good fellas

You can add me if you need another.

Tag: LBeSniper

Add me xdizzturbedx

I will be adding everyone in here ASAP!