Looking for short-notice practice team/indiv.

Hi Everyone,

Me and a friend have a Halo 4 doubles tournament coming up this Friday and could really use some extra practice. The Doubles matchmaking playlist has wasted away to the point where it’s not much use trying to shape up our competitive skills.

Therefore, I’d love if any person/team of two would be available for some scrims or just 1v1 practice with me tomorrow afternoon (11/14) anytime from 5 pm-10 pm Mountain Standard Time. (that’s 7-12 EST). We could really use the practice against other competitive folks, or just take it as an opportunity to practice your own skills.

Not to intentionally exclude anyone, but we are serious, competitive, and skilled Halo players, and are looking for similar people to play. Please don’t bother if you don’t consider yourself this type of person; it won’t be any fun for you, or helpful for me. If you are interested send me a message here or on XBL to Delementary. (Please get responses to me as early as possible for the best chance of us getting to play!)

Thanks and talk soon!