Looking for serious H2A Team

I’m looking for a team of 4 that is serious about getting their rank up in H2A. Preferred 1.50+ K/D and must know call-out positions. If interested let me know.

We’re looking for a fourth if your interested . Add l33tcaboose and bgtv killdrop.

Add me

GT: Im still Sick

add me GT: o triipy

Added all of you

Add me

My GT is TheEpiphany11

I will be on today around 5:15 pm est.

add me if any of you want to run some games. I am on every night. Trying to get a squad together

GT: Borine

I’m online pretty much everyday during this christmas break. Know all call-outs and looking for competitive peeps or a team to play with. Hit me up, I’m online right now.