Looking for serious/competitive players.

I’m looking for a three people who are wanting to be a serious competitive group. I need people who have Halo knowledge and know the call outs. They also need to have the same desire that I have of entering the competitive side of Halo and do some HCS every Sunday. I will be completely honest with you though. I have taken a year long break from video games due to being in the military at the time so I am not close to being good as I once was. That being said though I have no problems putting in the hours to get back the skill I have lost. Serious offers please. I am east coast and am free for the most part from 3pm-11pm almost everyday and even longer on the weekends. You can PM in here, reply to this topic or message me via XBL if you are seriously interested in making an HCS competitive team. Thanks

I’m also looking for a team and will can be online anytime between 4:00 - 10:00 every weekday.

I’ll add you when I get off work then today man.

How you doing man? I am active military as well I am looking for a serious team. My gt is i3uckaroo

Add you when I get off work also.


my gamertag is the same as my username i was into halo 3 very heavily and am willing to compete

Sound like a serious player! Add me on Xbl iCaeto. Looking to get a PGL and HCS team together.

Anyone on here looking for a competitive group should join HoW Gaming. We hold weekly scrims as well as grind out HCS, PGL, and H2A. We are one of the most successful Halo clans around and yes…we know callouts. lol We would love to have anybody tryout for our group. HMU on XBL, my gt is NECROCYDE

wow another clan group posting in a clan group recruitment post…