Looking for Reliable Voice Actors

I am in the process of making a machinima, slots are still open for voice actors and I need to have them filled, and soon. Download the current script here.
Anything with a * is subject to change.

James Dio – Deceitful Echo*
Levi Dio – Riot Rojas
Joshua Noble – AK Nugent
Alexis Woods – 0 Sh3 Wolf 0 / SpeedyandRose
Tom Shepard – Wolfboy702*
Ryan Dorsey –
Antonio Ramirez –
Michael Reyes –
Marines –

Note: Marines include all background characters such as pilots, gaurds, engineers and other such people. Therefore many people can be in that category and both genders can apply for those roles.

-Reliablility (Be on time for filming and turning in audio and listen)
-A mic set up for a computer (with decent quality)

Reply, PM me here, message me on Xbox (GT: Deceitful Echo) or email me at legendaryforging@gmail.com

Really? Nobody?

Hey man, I’m currently working on my own machinima but have a studio quality microphone, If you can let me know what times & timezones I maybe able to help.

I live in Alaska Time Zone, but you can send audio to me via email anytime. (Soon though if you want a part)

Let me read through the script and I’ll see if I can come up with a voice for one of the characters. I’ve sent you a buddy request on waypoint so we can PM each other too.

Sorry to double post but I can no longer access the script. Has it been taken down?

What error are you getting? It should be working. I will go back and reupload it.

The site isn’t loading for me -_-
I have another place to download, off of an unfinished website.
Click here

Mediafire is back online, the script can be downloaded from there again.

Hey, I’d like to voice for you. I believe we talked a while ago about me voice acting for something, but never got around to it. You con reply to this post, send me an email at tehbutterbunny@gmail.com, or send me a message on xbox Teh ButterBunny