Looking for reliable teammates

Me and a friend of mine have been looking for reliable teammates to play with we have some people we play with from time to time.The problem is that we don’t get to know eachothers game style ex. Prefer to use sniper and precision weapons or prefers vehicles or heavy weapons.So we have a few people we can get from time to time but we want to fill a team and not have randoms that like to betray for vehicles or weapons.If anyone is in a group that doesn’t require any gt changes or aren’t so uptight about things but still want to win feel free to post or msg me on xbl gt is the same name.Just mention waypoint forums so I know you’re not one of those kid’s that are always recruiting after games…lol.I also play with my wife a bit as well she holds her own in combat and she comes first in people i play with.If i find some reliable teammates i’ll have a night or two to play with a team so it’s no big deal just making sure i let people know she comes first.

My gamertag is KDizzle37. I am a solid halo player and a good team player, any role you are looking for I am interested. I play arena, swat, MLG, and FFA most of the time.

Me and my friend play mainly invasion and btb we sometimes go and play other playlists but our main focus is invasion it just sux that there’s not that many maps to choose from.I just like playing as an elite on a team besides grifball.

Funny, I’m looking for the same kind of thing to join my team. I’m bored with playing with no one or a ton of people who won’t listen to some sense of strategy instead of everyone scrambling for power weapons and vehicles. I’ll friend you in a little bit…

Sounds good me and my friend now share leadership with a group founded by a friend Invasion Fanatics the group is currently on bungie.net.We are in the process of rebuilding it to an active group our main focus is invasion and some btb but we’ll play some other playlists with you and you’re welcome to join the group.We’re trying to ensure that people will always be able to fill a team and lately i’ve been filling my team up and more wanting to play.They are non members as of right now but i hope to change that I’ll be sure to accept your friend request.

Hey, guys! I lead a community/clan called STO. We have two separate parts to our website. A community side and a military side. The military side is for our more competitive, tactical members that like organized warfare, while our community is there for scheduled events, machinima, customs, forge, and much more. Our military is uptight, but our community is as relaxed as can be. Don’t shoot us down right away. At least take a look!