Looking for reliable players!

Hello. My name is Zack,
I’ve been playing Halo Reach for a while now getting hyped for Halo 4.
Basically the game is beginning to frustrate me because i communicate, assist and get a positive K/D spread and yet i still lose because of my anti-social teammates are going heavily negative. [See for yourself]

Basically i’m looking for some reliable Reach players that play to there full potential. At the moment i am not looking for a clan, as i am a competitive GoW player. Hopefully our friendship will carry over to Halo 4 and we can play that as well. :smiley:

Hi Zack i would be more than happy to join you as i’m trying to brush up on my skills in time for halo and get back to my full potential again, also you may be interested in joining the clan i am currently in all they are competitive getting sponsorship and a good bunch of friendly people and easy to get along with check us out at www.undyingspartans.com

I assume your from the UK (judging by your name) I would be happy to play some with you. My Gamertag is the same as my name.

Oh BTW the Clan Dredd mentioned is really nice, just as he says. You really should check them out…

Hey Zack if you need a good reliable player who’s good at killing count me in.

My GT is Toaster Strdl

Check PraetoriaGuard out at this thread:

or http://www.praetoriaguard.com

I’m from UK and would like to team with you.

But you have very good service record statistics. 75% wins and over 3 kill/death. You seem to be doing extremely well?! I’ve had an uncountable number of games where I get the highest spread and lose. I rarely go negative so I guess I am reliable enough to help you out. I’m pretty aggressive and play to win, help the team. I can be hopeless against good american players on their host though with the latency, can’t touch 'em and usually just play it slowly. It would be nice to think we’d get matched against tougher opponents because honestly a 3 kill death and even my ~1.7K/D just means we are getting mis-matched against people far below our skill.

Hey Zack,

if you (or anyone else) want to add me, feel free (jenatailya)

I am pretty decent (1.22 KD and 61 BPR)

Excellent! I’ve added you all. :smiley:

Im good at using stradgeys i know how to use a plasma pistol then quickley switch to dmr for headshot but any way i am good a stradegy add me if you ever need me

Well as long as you guys keep it mature I don’t mind joining you up just please keep it appropriate, GT: O Tanto
KD:1.98 BPR:100