Looking for Regular Customs Group

Hi Peeps,

I’m interested in collecting a group of friends to play regular customs in various halo games (though mostly H2 and H3). My plan is to collect at least 8 people who can all agree on a regular, perhaps weekly time to play a bunch of customs. Ideally, this could be one or two nights a week.

I played a lot of H2 and much more H3 back in the day. I had over 100,000 matchmaking kills in H3. I enjoy competitive BR, MLG like game types mostly, but I do enjoy playing more casual custom games like zombies on occasion. Mostly, I want to recreate the joy of continuous Halo with a bunch of dedicated people without the seemingly infinite matchmaking times of Halo MCC that I’ve so far experienced.

As far as skill is concerned, my main goal is to have fun, so I don’t really care how good you are (I am certainly far from my prime back in the H3 days), but I prefer do competitive gameplay. As long as you love Halo, want to have lots of fun, and could commit to a somewhat regular weeklyish time, I’d like to hear from you.

I miss the glory days of H2 and H3. I don’t think I’ve ever had as much fun playing video games as when Halo 3 was at its peak. If you miss those times to, please send me a message!

My GT on XBL is : Neigeux


I’m on the west coast of USA, and I tend to play in the evenings after work, so keep that in mind.

GT: paradlse (that’s an “L” between the “d” and the “s”)

I would totally be down to do this, ive been looking for this same thing for weeks!
I’ve got 3 friends that would be so down to do this on a regular basis. I dont know there gamer tags right off the top of my head but,

My gamer tag is: CalMor95