Looking for Recruits and Alliances

KMAR here, leader of the Phoenix Empire. We are fairly new, and small in size, but we have a strong core and respectable soldiers. However, it would be nice to expand. I use all my teammates (meaning I don’t pick favourites), and we play a lot of custom games as well, so if you like playing co-ordinated matchmaking games, especially big team and CTF, and you want teammates that will work with you all the way, send me a message on Xbox Live. There are no tryouts, no changes to armor or colour, and no changes to clan tags.

On another note, since we are very new we also need other clans to play with. And to practice with. It would be much appreciated for any other clans looking for a good alliance to contact me, I am more than willing to role with you and even to provide assistance when needed.

-KMAR, Phx Empire