Looking For Ranked Team

>>><<<<<Hi there, My names Nico, 21 years old. level 26 atm. im looking for a stable team with good communication to grind through levels, I would be interested in people with mics, but if you are good enough without one , then its not an issue.
I have had numerous 50s on the older versions of halo.
im sick of noobs on my team making me lose, and people quitting, im available throughout the day and sometimes in the evenings, so add me ASAP and we will -Yoink- on kids.
I will also be doing campaign eventually, but we can discuss that in the future.!<<<<<>

GT: Nico Loves You
^^^^^^^add me ^^^^^^^^

I think you messaged me. I had to go real quick, but add me back if you haven’t and want to play sometime.


Add me a blue faicon had 5 50s in halo 3. Currently have a 2.6 kd in mcc. Have a mic and know the callouts etc…

add me GT: RedClloud