Looking for quality players who can relax

Are you tired of joining clans that require you to do bootcamps if you’re not good enough, take orders from kids who could be your children, be forced to make “post quotas” on their websites?

Are you looking for a group of mature gamers who strive to use teamwork to their advantage in matchmaking? A group of individuals who can joke with each other but are still respectful of their enemies. A group with a webpage/forum to share all your ideas, and a group where you can feel comfortable sharing your ideas with anyone without fear of being “commanded” to do something different.

Enter Operation: Zenith. Check out our website at: http://zenith.forumotion.com

Or if you just want to play a few rounds with us and see what we’re like, send me a friend request on XBL at RogueTellurian. Even if you don’t join, we’re always looking for cool people to go to war with.

Check us out!

Your link doesn’t seem to be working?

Go here -> http://zenith.forumotion.com