Looking For Players

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The True Spartans is a brand new clan where all are excepted to join and have a good time among other players hosting fireteams, custome games, and eventually forge worlds.
But enough about that crap I could drag on all day but lets talk important stuff the only requirment needed is to have a MIC and in game you don’t have to change anything about your character, emblem, or tag only if you want to, so your free to do whatever you want.
One last thing though yes I know the clan is brand new and you people ready this don’t want to join but with your help we can make this company begin to thrive and grow but thats all so keep fighting spartans.
For any questions contact me

I’m down to join?

Hello, I am really just trying to find a team to play with. I have a mic and have recently joined a company, but can’t get anyone to join my party. I’ll being playing late tonight so just send me an invite.

TRU Gamers is always looking for new members to join our gaming community and Spartan Company! We would love to have the opportunity to link up and battle on Halo 5 on your team. If you’re interested in playing, feel free to send me a friend request, sign up on our website and we can send you an invite to the game and our company. http://www.trugamers.org

Thank you!
Owner of the TRU Global Gaming Network