Looking For Players

Noble Company Gaming is a PC based Clan made up of NA and EU players looking to find people for Halo activities such as Campaign, Matchmaking, Competitive, FIrefight, Achievement Hunting, Custom Games, and so on.

Within our Clan Discord we have what are called Factions. Upon joining the Discord you will have to select a Faction, note that you can switch Factions but you can only be a part of 1 Faction at a time. You will also have the ability to pick which Halo titles you play, upon selection of your games LFG chats will appear for you to use. Once we have enough people within each Faction we will begin hosting Weekly Events where members of each Faction will compete in a variety of modes, the Faction that is Victorious will be the ones to decide what the rules are for the following weeks Event. As time progresses we may even begin holding tournaments with small cash prizes such as a Steam or Xbox gift card.

Within the Halo Reach Custom Games Text Channel you will find a pinned message containing a Google Doc sheet with all of the Gamertags holding the best custom maps/modes in their file shares as well as a tutorial on how to download them in game. The Mods Text Channel contains tutorials on how to mod, how to set up Forge for PC, and has mods that you can download and mess around with in game.

NOTE that in order to join you must be above 18 years of age, you must have a mic, and you must have a backbone. We’re all adults in here and everyone makes jokes, if you can not handle that then this may not be the community for you. However bullying/harassment is not tolerated here. Discord