Looking for players

Looking for another two (at least) players to join me and a friend, not having the best time with random team mates, we are both Xbox and play with mic, love objective mostly. Any takers?

What time zone are you in?

When do you normally play?

Have you tried LFG on Xbox?

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Location? Times? Skill level?

UK, times are random because of work but most times of day depending on shift patterns, we’re both pretty good players especially on objective, long term halo players but fairly new to infinite so getting to grips with some weapons atm

I’m based in the UK too and we have a variety of skill levels in our group that play most nights. Feel free to add me: K0NCEPTUK

Couldn’t find you, I’m ROACHALWAYSWINS

I definitely exist! :blush: The 0 is a zero.