Looking for players

Looking for people to play with Multiplayer with , tired of the random group of people who dont hold conversation and play at the sametime , its understandable to be in the zone but it also gets boring not being an actually team out there …

I feel the same way, hit me up for some games anytime.

GT: Pedjoni

Always down to play! I sometimes talk a bit much though, hope that is okay! And I’m sometimes not the best at the game, hope that is okay too haha
GT: eekalyssa

I know exactly how you feel. Just now getting back into xbox live for Reach so I have virtually no friends. People I run into on matchmaking are usually not what I would want to party with (skill wise or intelligence wise) and also don’t use microphone. I find talking to be one of the best features since communication is key for strategy and chatting on live makes it much more fun.

If you feel the same and need a friend that is level headed, skilled, and social please send me a friend invite. =)

Gamertag: Raumcole

I feel the same pal

Add me


I just joined xbox live, have no friends
i currently have no mic but im working on getting one
i am a decent player, gt is TheYummyWaffle

Feel free to add me

GT: Breakdown XS

Add me.

GT: Ninja Orca

Maybe if we can get enough people, we can get some kind of decent playing group going.

Hi all, am all the way over here in Ireland and need some people to playwith online, so if anyone wants to add me as a friend, my GT is MadJohn dee…

Add me if you all can and i’ll meets yas online :slight_smile:

> I just joined xbox live, have no friends
> i currently have no mic but im working on getting one
> i am a decent player, gt is TheYummyWaffle

i found an old mic, not sure how good it is…but i got one

I am fairly new to xbox live joined the day Reach came out i am not the best at the game yet but it would be nice to play on a team where everyone plays through the whole battle instead of leaving half way through. So if ya want find me on live GT:Justin597

Hey, I’m new to it all to. Reach is my 1st xbox game! I love playing multiplayer, I’m not great but like being part of a team and being told what to do…tactically :slight_smile:
I’m quite often stuck with a group on team slayer who are silent (yawn) and who work alone or in pairs.
Add me!! GT: hotlittlebiscit

I feel the exact same way! I love making new friends :slight_smile: feel free to add me!

GT: Lil Cupcake x3

Im adding people to play with. I play pretty much everyday at some point. Mostly from 7pm Central until ??, be looking for a inviote from me! Look forward to meeting some new players. I also play alot of custom games so we can try and fill up big rooms and play some cool game modes!! Me and all of my friends have mics!! Jump in and get ya feet wet!!

GT - ClaYI3oRnE

Agreed with the OP. I am finding fewer and fewer of my friends getting on to play so I am always by myself, haha. If anyone is looking for someone to party up with or whatever just send me an invite and I’ll join if I’m not busy with anything.

GT: II The Bouk II

Feel free to add me on!! I’m average at best, but love playing. It would be nice to play with people I could get to know rather than the random goofballs that matchmaking sets you up with.

GT: geomac89

Im looking for players too and ive got a mic … add me

GT = Darnell1992

Im below average at best…just bought my xbox though…add me


Add me , I’ve had this game a few days and i have no one to play with :slight_smile:

P.s Im not brilliant at it

Unfortunately my dog decided to recently use my headset as a chew toy, but i need some people to play multiplayer and co-op with so if anyone is ok with a friend who dosent talk add me, skills are pretty good, rarely negative k/d

GT- zokral