Looking for players willing to help with clan pictures and videos

We’re looking for anybody willing to help us out to capture specific picture shots, or special video footage. We’re a small clan and could really use the help to post up cool member videos and pics on our website. If anyone is willing to help post your gamertag or message mines: Solid Stealth : I appreciate your time…


if one of you have a bungie profile, just pick a pose, make a screenshot and download from bungie.net

I could help with screenshots,not sure about footage though,I need more specifics.

We need someone to help in adding special effects in the picture. Like shooting rockets with a group to capture the explosion in specific angles, or throwing extra plasma grenades for lighting, a couple little things along those lines. It shouldnt take too long but if you could help for only a little that’ll be cool too. Add me if you could help Solid Stealth

im sure i could help sometime if i’m available, feel free to add me anytime, my gamertag is -