Looking for players to win and have fun.

No clan BS. Just people with mics working together is all I desire.
Add me on XBL, Don’t care where you’re from.


Which time zone or where are you from?

GMT, But i’m online alot.

I’m GMT+1, I will add you this evening.

I’m GMT too. Will add you now.

im gmt, adding you all now

I’m down. Not interested in all that clan stuff either. GT is same as forum handle. Time zone is eastern. I will be on in a few, add me or I will send a FR when I get on. Happy Hunting!

I’m not so much for people running in front of my grenades, gets killed and then kicks me out from the game. But apart from that, feel free to add me anytime :slight_smile:

GT: XaNoobiZ

OH, that’s right, GMT+1, Sweden here.

GT: Spartanlite55

ey im lookin for some ppl to party up with. I’ve got a mic. I’m online almost everynight. hit me up!

I’m on GMT as well. Add me if you like :slight_smile:

I’m on everyday, good player, no clan desired as well.GT: XGL Godzson