Hello fellow Halo-ee’s! Looking for players interested in joining up with clan in Halo MCC? Well shoot me a message, either here or on XBL and I’ll give you the info on our clan, how we run things and our practice times in relevance with your time zone.
GT: SMG Shadowfax

hey man im looking to join just so you know now i live in AUS but am down for Halo whenever unless at work but possibly getting a new job so i might not play at times but other than that im down for it.

GT: RumblingCobra

Yea sure man, just let me know what time it is for you at what would be 6 pm mountain time for me. Thats our usual practice time, but I’ll try to work something out for your schedule, or hell I’d be cool with you getting other Aussies into the clan and having practices at 6 pm at night for you guys. whichever one works best.