Looking for players in the #STL

Sup everyone my name is SX Smoke and I am currently in the bldg stage of creating an eSports team for Halo 5 in the St Louis area. I’ve been competitively gaming since 2000. I’ve ranked with my team Team Xhance 18 in UMG for COD BO3. I personally went from a .49 kd to a 1.70 kd with a spm 400(thanks to our trainers). I will be a plat in team slayer and ffa by the end of this weekend. Why Halo5? 1. Bc halo is a big game here in st Louis and in order for us to go far we must utilize the games that are there. 2. Tired of the unbalance nature of cod games 3.My brother who will be a part of this team loves Halo. As of today I am looking for 2 home town players. Who are willing to do what’s needed as a team. Egos attitude and toxicity is not allowed. In the future subs will be needed. please contact me at one of these media outlets secondxhancesx@gmail.com
Gt SX Smoke

Welcome to the Waypoint community Spartan. This section is for introducing yourself, and letting us know a little about you. If you are trying to get people to join you, should have posted here RECRUITING.

Hey Smoke, welcome to Waypoint! As my colleague above me posted, any team or company recruiting should be done in the recruiting section, but we’re glad to have you and good luck with the team building.