Looking for players for Ranked Arena (XBOX)

Seeking players to play ranked arena - I am currently ranked Plat 6 and I am seeking those who will use mics! Finding it difficult to play ranked solo when other players are playing for kills/challenges rather than objective!

Gamertag: Ace Rothschild

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Currently Plat 4.

Gamertag: Synocol12

Added. Will be on later today!

Add me up dude, Plat 2 with mic :ok_hand:

Feel free to add me, I am online usually after 7:30pm cst, have a mic, currently platinum 1 . Gamertag: striker2

Added i am running on GMT time (London)

Added my friend, running on GMT time (London, United Kingdom)

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Still not much better a week later :pleading_face::cry:. If there are any aussie/ nz that are out there keen to play ranked add me up :sweat_smile: