Looking for players for dlc achievements

Looking for players with all dlc map packs.

The achievements I’m trying to get are the following:

Defiant: don’t touch that!, paper beats rock, all alone

Anniversary:all of them.

Sound off below if any of you want to do this and we’ll help each other out.
Preferably by tonight or tomorrow.



I’m looking to get All Alone but will help out with other achievements.

My GT is Lebayak (same as my Waypoint name)

I am online now and will be for the next 48 hours.

I am in need of those achievements as well. Just name a time.

If you guys are up for it friend me on live and message me. Ill be on tonight at 7:30 pm pacific time.

Thanks for the help to the guys that helped out in getting all the achievements. Now on to halo4.

It was fun. I still need that 5 vehicle kills achievement on Anniversary lol