Looking for players for custom game night!

Hey whats up guys! My name is Zephireis and I am just starting to get back into the Halo scene after a short break. I have a youtube channel that I am currently posting Rainbow Six Siege content on and i want to start bringing back halo to my channel. As some of the first series of videos that i want to start making is halo 5 Custom game videos where myself and a large group of players play various custom games and I will upload them to youtube. i already have various maps and modes ready to play and now im just looking for the players. if you are interested in joining then PM me and Ill add you to a list of players, also i will give more details in PM’s. Thank you for reading and have a fantastic day! ps. if you are interested in checking out my channel here is the link: https://youtube.com/zephireisyt