Looking for players for BTB

Now that the game is somewhat working, I need players to play BTB.

Please at least be decent, I want to have winning streaks in it and please have mic.

I live in GMT timezone so european players please. Thanks

GT: paradlse (that’s an “L” between the “d” and the “s”)

What game? I’m up for it on halo 4 if that’s an option.
Message ArcAngel2512 on xbox 360 if you want me to join, I usualy play a sniper and defensive on obj game types but I caneasily switch up for a BR and thruster pack

Add me GT: o0crispy0o
I can chat when in party chat but not in game chat. Ill be on here shortly

I’d love to get down on some BTB. I have a general in the social btb playlist in H3, and also had a Squad Battle 50, if it matters.

GT - Accusations Fly

Hi everyone thanks for the replys, forgot to mention that Im recruiting for the masterchief connection, although in my post I undirectly said that it is now working so talking about TMCC… I’ll add you thanks, if there’s more players to our cause we’ll be greatly appreciated.

I’ll get back to this thread at least once a day.

You guys should check out OcR. They’re a group that does a lot of btb and does it well.


register on the forums and introduce yourself, there’s 50 plus members

Gamertag is Yuiiski.

I’ve also been looking for players to play BTB with! ^-^

I play abit of everything in MCC
GT: GandhisGotBeef

I have added almost all of you, missing the 2 bottom posters still, when I can I’ll add you guys. Today havent played much so… also looking to play halo 4 to try and get the king of the hill achievement if anyone interested.
Thanks a ton, happy gaming!