Looking for Players/Clan

Hey guys, I have a list full of Halo players and nobody is on right now so I am looking to find a few players to either grind out some Team Arena (Platinum 3) or Swat (Onyx 1700)

I am also may be down to join a clan. Will only respond to messages through: Xbox so please just message me on there.

Gamertag: Dysliptics (KD:1.80)

only xbox messages since they come to my phone.

look forward to hearing from ya

I’d be more than happy to have you aboard my team. We do everything. Fun custom game nights every Friday/ Saturday (when Forge comes out!) We play lots of Warzone (in 12 Man teams) And also play our fair share of Arena BTB, Breakout, Swat and Slayer! We do it all ! I’m looking for good personalities and people who want to kick some a** and have fun at the same time!
I also have HUGE YouTube Projects for the team in the near future! featuring a variety of Teamtages and Machinimas!

GT: Sencatsu
Join, Supercell