looking for players 4 matchmaking and customs


im looking for playeers to play with on a regular basis. most of my friends have moved on (some still play sparatically) so im left w solo quing and i dont need to explain why i becoming frustrated with my teamates

i enjoy objective games the most… flag > ball but i also play slayer alot as well.

if your into customs as well that would be great too. (havent had a constistant customs group since h3.)

add me or send me a message anytime im on (5pm - midnight or so… est)


gt: ii roof ii

ps. i have a mic

Not sure how you feel about a “clan” or group or anything but if you get a chance, check out Be the Bullet. Our group caters to casual and competitive players from around the world. Our group is pretty chill but if you’re not looking for anything like that at this time, that’s cool too. Hit me up and I’ll try to help you find what your looking for.

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