Looking for play-uhs.

Hey everyone! My gamertag is CactusPaw. I like to play in matchmaking and I’m looking for cool people who like to play for fun and chat. I just got a new mic set up and it seems like no one uses theirs? Fair warning I am a FEMALE and I am 26 years old, not a little kid. Pervs steer clear I don’t want none of that business. I’m in southern California too. Anywho if you’re interested in playing with me hit me up!

crazy hardcore gamers and boltshot junkies need not apply, I play for fun. :slight_smile: see you on the battlefield!

Or not. :slight_smile:

I play mostly oddball and regicide, and some slayer as well. If you want to friend request me we can play sometime if I see you on. I usually play at night, but I’m in Mass so it’s Eastern Time. I am 20 years old and a casual player.

Feel free to add me if you like. GT PPF Elite… Also from So Cal

I’ll add you, might be fun.

I think you scared them off with all that mic talk.

> I think you scared them off with all that mic talk.


Too fast too soon, I suppose.

Add me if u want. My GT is Tremer Christ. Play mostly on the weekends. I play for fun but also to win.

Hey if you are looking to get into some casual competition with some structure behind it my “clan” could always use another gun. We do try to win, but at the same time if we lose we aren’t explosive about it. You never know you might end up with some new friends, just throw AwayChicken or myself a message and we can show you how we work.

I have been needing a few more people to play with, my friends are not always on. Expect a friend invite from this guy! :slight_smile:

you can add me my GT is Storm688. I mostly play on the weekends as well as mondays,tuesdays and fridays.