Looking for Platinum+ Players

The above stated; I, InvictusHomine, am looking for some Hao Players who would join my Spartan Company. I want Platnum + players. We are Known as Invictus Exercitus, and we really need players who are both good and active. No Noobs. Follow this checklist to see if you are a noob.

  • Does not know what a Noob is. - Highest rank of Gold or less. - Thinks FPS stands for Free Play & Suicide. - Thinks rated T stands for Ten-Year-olds. - Dies faster than your mom while playing Halo 2 on legendary. If any of these are you… GET THE &#$% OFF XBOX, AND SWITCH* TO NINTENDO.

If not, then this company might just be for you. Check out our company bio, and message me for details. Thank you.

*pun intended.