Looking for people with mics!

I am looking for people to play halo with that have mics. This isnt a clan.
XBL- hawk man 5879

Hey P0pSh0t21 here to talk to you about Pookie clan. Were a tight knit group right now but weve decided to expand our clan.

What were looking for:
-16 and up
-Chill attitude we dont need the guys that think there godly and think there going to go mlg with this game in like 2 weeks
-Plays well as a team
-Has a working mic
-Cant rage quit games your going to win some and loose some just get over it.
-Sign up on the website and be active on the forums

Thats all we ask of our members were a really chill clan with the thoughts of doing some competitive gameplay in the future. Just because were chill doesent mean that we blow we just like to have fun with the game we payed 60 bucks for not rage out all the time.

So if interested guys go to the website http://pookieclan.enjin.com/home and fill out the recruitment application it will be answered within an hour or to as i am almost always on the site. Well good gsming guys and thanks for taking your time to read this.