Looking for people with mics to play h2 ranked

title says it all. Gt is hung stallion. I was a 50 in numerous h3 playlists, a 36 in h2 ts, and had a 2.35 k/d in h4 with 20000+ kills

I meant anyone, not a full team

Had a 50 in H3. Ranking system is broken on MCC though. I got reset the other day.

GT: paradlse (that’s an “L” between the “d” and the “s”)

My buddy and I will be playing h2a ranked tonight 5-8pm est. My gamertag is DYERRR Lets do it!

My gt is: iCeltic Own U
Current MCC K/D is a 2.0 with around 7000 kills. haven’t played too much due to game being epically broken.
Halo 3 level 50, halo 2 (old school) level 40 TS,
Halo 4 KD is above a 2.0 with over 55,000 kills top 3% …
hit me up im down to pwn some nubs.

We need 1 more for ranked send message to

o Justin x is my gt