Looking for people who are active in Reach

I’m searching for people who are active in Reach to be friends with me so we can play Reach together. I’ve also recently made a map and I’m looking for people to try it.

If you’re okay with em adding you, please post your gamertag! c:


Earbud Wax.

Hey man i’m playing reach full time right now so i will play :slight_smile: im very active
My Gamertag is - HT GDM.


Check my fileshare

Several Maps. I can help in Forge as well (If you need it)

I play, but mostly Firefight and coop campaighn, been playin Borderlands 2 a lot latley (just released their 4th dlc), but send game requests and I’ll hop in.
GT same as name.

If you are looking for a firefighter hit me up!