Looking for people to run ALL legendary campaigns.

If anyone is willing to help just say so, would love to have a full 4 people for every campaign (with the exception of CE, you can only bring 2).

I’m ready buddy.

Gt is Strongestlink

I can play tomorrow and all weekend if you’re interested.

@MonkeyPulp add me, I am interested.


im in

im up to do it as well

anyone down for halo 3 legendary? need one

If anyone still needs some help I’m down gt:Richegeo

I am looking for people to help me finish too! I need half of Halo CE, Halo 3, and most of Halo 4! I can most of it now if anybody is interested!

I’m available all day today. Add EpicAnghell

I’m interested if anyone needs someone. GT: NNebuLa 20

I am willing to help
GT = Same as above