Looking for people to play with

Hey everyone,
I’m not looking to make a clan, or a consistent team of 4, I’m just looking to repopulate my friends list with people so I don’t always have to queue solo. I’m looking for people who enjoy playing h2/h2a and are half decent. I’m not asking for people who are gods at the game, just people with microphones. I don’t care if you go negative a few games, we’ve all been there from time to time. I just ask that you have a desire to win and improve your game. I used to be very good at halo 2, and I’ve slowly been getting my skills back in mcc. Just looking for people who find themselves in the same boat.
GT: Gclipseee

I’m looking to do the same. Half decent players who try to win but don’t take it too serious.

If ranks are anything like halo 2 I would expect to peak at ~35 rank

If if its like halo 3, 45-50

Wanna join my clan message me

I’m looking to add some people too. Add me, GT: tnvk23