Looking for People to Play Halo 5 With

Hey, I’ve been an adamant Halo player for quite a few years now and could use a few more friends to play Halo with when my friends and I are on. We all alternate between Warzone, arena, and customs. We also have our own Spartan Company if you’re interested in joining that. So if you’re looking for some people to play Halo with just message me on live if you’d like or post here. -exSTORMBRINGER

I have recently established a community of friends I’d for you to join.


Hey bro my Spartan Company is looking for people like you. We have a facebook community with over 40,000 members. Halo Gameplay

My Spartan Company is filling all roles. Let me know if you would like to join and receive hella req packs / back up.

  • Spartan Company = 7God

welcome to waypoint! i am certain you will find other spartans to spar with