looking for people to play arena with

Its pretty lonely playing alone and am looking to make friends to play with. Add li zombie ii if anyone wants to play with me. I’m onyx

The Frozen Shadows is a Halo clan that has been around for almost 6 years.(We will be turning 6 in December) We have competed in almost 400 recorded clan battles. We are a recreational and competitive clan. Our members span from all over the states and even a couple are From other places such as the UK. The Frozen Shadows has a Ranking structure, and rewards/medals. As a Frozen Shadow you would be expected to wear the emblem that represents the clan and the colors that would represent your squad. This is a non-profit clan, at no time would you be expected to pay any sort of members fee or anything of the sort. Right now in Sierra Squad there are openings for media editor, Co-Captain positions and Fire team leaders. Also in Sierra Squad we have a WOT( World of Tanks) branch that is run by V1P3R315. We do not discriminate skill level when looking at members . Sierra Squad is looking for members who have solid personality and a drive for making The Frozen Shadows a better clan for all.
If you are interested in joining please message me with any questions or concerns on Halo Waypoint or on Xbox live (RedRizer13) You can also check out the Clan website thefrozenshadows.weebly.com

Chop Squad is all about getting the most out of Halo and not doing it alone. We’re here to bring competitive, mature, and win hungry players together. There are no limits on who can join. Maturity does not have an age, but please don’t bother requesting to join if you’re not active (at least on 4 out of 7 days a week). Once a member, you will have to tryout for one of our active squads. If you’re not accepted into a squad you will be able to try a 2nd time 2 days after the 1st tryout.

Add me, Gamertag: A7eh