Looking for people to play ARENA with

I’m tired of matching with randoms who just don’t know how to play Halo, and my shoulders are sore from all the carrying. I’m looking for people to play arena with who KNOW what they’re doing. I’m not looking for players who get 10:1 KDs every match and are flawless snipers who always get the power up just as it comes up. I’m simply looking for people who stay positive most games, make callouts, know when the power items are coming up, can support teammates, communicate with each other and overall are good team players. If you’d like to play just add me and send me a message/or reply to this thread, thanks!


we’re looking for a reliable fourth for team slayer, reply if you’re interested.

That sucks I know how that feels!
Well theres a team for you LEGION OF BOOM BOOM! we mainly play in arena and some warzone.
We are very vocal on map callouts and working together as a team. if you are interested please check our company page. message queenlingling if your interested.

Best of luck!


reaper784 I’m interested in arena or slayer bro add me. I can play weekdays all day and night but I work on the weekends. just a heads up.