Looking for people to join

Looking for people to join that play custom game and matchmaking on Halo mcc. Gt; SeeFights

Hi First lieutenant Exiled Arkangel of BLUE Army from Forerunner Conflict. FC is a nice community that has Battle nights every Sunday. Check us out here’s a link to our website Forerunner Conflict: Resurgence - Forerunner Conflict Insider

Hey man, if your someone who is looking for more active players to game with on MCC, come check us out. I just recently created The Divine Regime Halo community. We are just getting started but the goal is too create a large group of active halo players to be able to run games with, have fun, and also attempt to take it to a competitive level with groups of skilled halo players. If you are interested, you can message me at GeT SmackeD 412 on xbox or you can head over to www.divineregimegaming.enjin.com Thank you.