Looking for People to HELP Test a Map

My friend (TC x0 LT 0x) and I (Call Me OrphaN) have been working on a map and it is fully done we are just looking for people to test it out it is set up for a 4v4 but is big enoph for a 8v8 so we need a bit of people we will be testing Slayer, CTF, and Stockpile. We will be testing it on Sunday April 10th don’t know what time so if you want in make sure you are on all day that day or watch the thread I will post that we are inviting people so if you want to help send me a message on Xboxlive to “Call Me OrphaN” saying “Modius” so I know you want to and please don’t think that we are going to have tons of people just send a message anyways if you want in the more the better (Bring Friends) . Thanks in advanse for your help.
We are looking for:*Spawns FeedbackAll around Game Play (Frame rate)

ill do it but i really need to no what time…

Around like 4pm

Inviting people Now

You can invite me; I will join up and fill up your party for ya :slight_smile: I’m at school for most of the day though…so catch me at night!

GT: Insane54

Hey man add me If you need any testing for this forge or any other projects you have in the future