Looking for people to go as high as possible!

So 343 announced the one million World Championship a while back so Im interested to know, are there any people here who have some competitive history and want to form a team to maybe try to compete?

I myself have quite a lot of competitive experience, been a part of two teams with each one having loads of skirmishes with other high ranking teams, but we never really got into anything serious since the teams atmosphere and motivation in both cases sort of faded away over time.

My motivation and willingness on the other hand, hasn’t. I have always wanted to go pro and compete against the best of the best. That’s why I’m here now to ask you if any of you have the time, the motivation, the willingness to become as good as possible and maybe compete in serious levels one day.
If you’re interested, msg me here on FB or add me on XBL with the GT: Raccoon Zed

Oh and if you lived in Europe too, that would be great. Nothing against other regions, its just that the latency would be too high and the time difference would mess with training schedules.
Best of luck in the battlefield Spartans!

Add me