Looking for people to do arena (Diamond - Onyx)

If you’re a Diamond-Onyx player and wanna experience some proper teamwork based gameplay with mic’s, add me and lets roll!

GT: Raccoon Zed

that’s what BAA

that’s what BAA

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Just added you

Hi, my gamertag is not very important since you won’t be needing it anyway. I’m a gamer with little to no skill at MP shooters. My K/D is so pathetic, new subzero numbers had to be created to reflect it. I’ve never won a MP match in my entire life and I’m probably the reason so many others have lost their games. I have no understanding of teamwork or strategy. I generally run in the wrong directions until I’m either dead or accidentally kill a teammate resulting in a boot. If you think you could use a totally useless player that has to be carried for each and every match, please consider someone else. I just suck way to bad and I’m sorry I wasted your time.

Added you as well