Looking for other competitive players

Hello all. I’ve been playing Halo competitively since 2001 and with Halo 5 reminding me of the competitive atmosphere of Halo 2, I’m looking to get back at it again. I’m up for practicing, scrimmaging, crushing arena (halfway to onyx in all playlists), and warming up via warzone assault. Mics and call outs are a huge +

GT: Remedy75

Hey man, I’ve been playing since 2008 I’ve always had callouts since day one. I haven’t had a team to learn them yet but I’m looking forward to it my gt: xHyp3rr.

Feel free to add me. I played big during Reach but not much since then, switched to Counter-Strike for the PC. Getting back into Halo 5 and looking to play with experienced people who make calls and understand teamwork. GT: dodging ruby

Add this gt evul bunny trying to find players willing to build chemistry with and have patience Rome wasn’t built in a day

Aspire UK2 are looking for competitive players