Looking for old Spartans....

I’m sure we’re all in the same boat now. As of the announcement of MCC PC, were all looking too dust off our old service records and create new memories on the old battlefields. For many of us, lost of our allies from time long past have been missing for years upon years… now its our chance to reunite… And I’m looking for one in particular. Justin (Kodiaktreelover) If your out there, i hope we can meet again…ill be looking for you in the infection lobbies, i just hope you’re still out there somewhere

I hope you find your long lost friend!!!

Good luck finding your friend!

And I hope you make many more along the way.

If you like a new friend on here or where ever I would be happy to give my service I am a Spartan II Sierra 854 one of the lost Spartans called SEA Members which stands for Sierra Elite Alpha a super Spartan if you will.