Looking for old Halo 2 Xbox Live friends ?

Hi everyone, I just created a Facebook group with the intent of searching and reconnecting with old Halo 2 buddies. You can join here: Redirecting...

The group isn’t intended to revive Halo 2, just to find old Xbox Live buddies and rekindle the flames ! It follow a simple format; post your old gamertag and who you’re looking for, that’s basically it. I’m not sure how big the group will get or if it will eve take off but I created it because I hadn’t found one out there like this. It’s a public group so go ahead and get on in there ! Have I really been a member here for 11 years ? Damn.

I don’t think this belongs in the Halo Wars 2 sub-forum. You’d probably get better results posting it in the sub forum dedicated to classic Halo games.