Looking For ODST Firefight Teammates

I stopped playing Halo 4 (even thought I tried the new weapon settings, I still didn’t like it) and started playing ODST again. I realized I don’t have any of the achievements for Firefight besides Lost Platoon (which I got by myself, tons of fun) and now I want to get them. Same with one of the Vidmaster challenges (Endure and Deja Vu).

So I come to you, Waypoint, in search of 3 other teammates willing to tackle these achievements with me. We’ll play on Heroic with Grunt Birthday Party, Cowbell, and IWHBYD on. Add me on XBL. My gamertag is Frihole. Just message me telling me you’re interested.

Thanks in advance guys.

Hey man, I have ODST and wouldn’t mind helping you out. I can bring one or even two more people in. Message my Gamertag: SaintCasey or find JackA190 the Facebook page. Hell, like the page even.

Hey I still need FF achievements as well. I am available on sundays if I aint playing with anyone else.

DHG Siul S249 is my GT.

I’ll join too. I have all the achievements already but love playing the game. You can add me or I’ll send u a FR.