Looking for ODST Clan to potentially make a deal.

Hello this is the UNSC ODYSSEY and we have plenty in our Marines, ODSTs, and SIIIs we are currently looking for a leader for our Odst branch and are looking for an ODST to take command for it. If interested we will give you members fir your branch and leadership to a accommodate the position we are located on the MCC Reach. Message me or vlvWrathvlv if interested thank you

Hey vlvWrathvlv the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) is looking for ODST’s on Halo 5: Guardians and PC MCC!

We’re a role playing gaming community under the narrative of ONI [ https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/universe/factions/oni ] The divisions offered in ONI are the 65th Shock Troops Division and the 105th Shock Troops Division, both with different division staff and complementing elements. The 65th is only on PC, while the 105th is console with few exceptions. ODSTs are considered the competitive sister to the Spartan-III Program in perfecting tactics for raid operations and Invasion/Warzone.

In short our ODST’s expectation and purpose in our community is to be the primary Raid line up. If your clan likes raids let me know.